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TRichView, ScaleRichView and Report Workshop Showcase

Most of the demo projects do not contain source code, but their location in the TRichView, ScaleRichView or ReportWorkshop installation is specified.

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File size: 86.0 MB. Last updated: April 22, 2024.

Read the install/uninstall instructions.

The demo projects in ThirdParty folder use additional components, including: Addict spelling check and thesaurus, eDocEngine, Clever Components, LLPDFLib, ReportBuilder, QuickReport, Developer Express VCL, VirtualTree. Copyright on these components belongs to their respective owners. Additional information can be found in ReadMe files.

If you are interested in compiled RVMedia demos, please visit RVMedia Showcase page.

1. ActionTest demos

2. Report Workshop demos

3. TRichView demos

The demos below do not use RichViewActions, ScaleRichView and Report Workshop.