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  TRichView in Applications


Product Page: (Russian)

Developers: Victor Kokhov, Sergey Tkachenko, Alex Neznanov

Interface: Russian/English

Status: used in education

License: Shareware/Commercial

Screenshot: TRichView in user interface
Selecting and running plugins: TRichView (the right side of the window) is used to describe a selected plugin.
The selected plugin is an application for a scientific research.
You can see how input (green) and output (blue) data of this plugin are described using TRichView tables.

Screenshot: Editing a diagram
Editing a diagram: you can see this diagram (describing a hierarchy of TRichView Components) in the main topic of the TRichView help file.

Screenshot: Database of graph diagrams
A database of graphs: the layout of these diagrams was created with a special layout plugin (detecting a graph symmetry).
(all the diagrams on this screenshot represent the same graph in different layouts)

GMW is an advanced editor of directed graphs having some unique features. The diagrams of relations between objects, and the hierarchy for TRichView (see the screenshot above) that you can see on the main page of the TRichView help file were created in this application. GMW is not only an editor, but an extendable system with its own plugins interface. GMW has a subsystem for demonstrating the results of plugins of common types, such as isomorphism, intersection, decomposition, layout algorithms, etc.

TRichView is used here for a unuser interface design, and for editing comments for graphs and graph databases.

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