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Product Page:

Developer: Mor Yazılım

License: Shareware

Interface: English


Functioning as the interface of the MoreMotion Web Development Platform, mmDesigner offers a lot more than common web design editors do.

mmDesigner cooperates with other units of the platform and offers all functionalities required for an e-commerce application with its easy-to-use interface.

Moremotion Web Designer Screenshot

Main window (click to enlarge): RichViewEdits are used as rich text objects in the web page design window

Specific Features:

  • WYSIWYG features enable making modifications in the contents of pages without affecting the layout of pages
  • Elements and components in MoreMotion Library mmLib can be configured and deployed on project pages
  • Generates static or dynamic pages without a need for HTML coding or for ASP and JSP
  • XSL generation enables you to profit from the advantages offered by XML&XSL technologies.
    Unlike ASP and JSP technologies, data and layout are processed seperately in mmDesigner.
    Dynamic pages are generated in XSL and the development process is minimized.
  • Edits data sources required for connecting to mmDB or relational databases.
  • Frequently used structures can be saved in templates and inserted into the library for further use. The reusability feature minimizes the design process.
  • Advanced theme support. Themes can be designed and applied easily without a need for Styles or Classes.
  • Pages designed with mmDesigner can be compiled, tested and published at any time

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