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Product Page: (discontinued?)

Developer: Mike Parniak

License: Free

Interface: English.

Voodoo Chat is a free graphical chat community.
Using web pages as rooms, Voodoo Chat lets you chat with old and new friends in a well-blended environment that lets you feel like you're "in the room" without taking the emphasis away from chat, as many graphical environments do.


Screenshot of Voodoo Chat client (click to enlarge): RichView is used to show user messages

The Voodoo Chat Client has tons of features that integrate seamlessly into your chatting life:

  • create your own graphical avatars (BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG) even using animation or transparency
  • transfer files of any size in batches with resume
  • play games with other chatters (or write your own games!)
  • initiate voice calls to other chatters even if they're in different rooms
  • have up to 100 "buddies" and be alerted whenever they login or logoff
  • combine animation and sound to create "gestures" that can play as long as you want
  • and much, much more!

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